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Champion Yankee ROM vs Champion Grancho

Champions crave victory and only victory. With pain, fear goes away, and Champion Yankee with Champion Grancho know this more than anyone else. Follow the battle career of legendary fighters.

922 9
Champion Yankee ROM vs Champion Giroux ROM

Champion Yankee ROM vs Champion Giroux ROM

1032 7
Champion Yankee Match 5

It is a different Yankee, artifact video nikita vs yankee. There were some powerful grips in this fight. The dogs miraculously escaped dangerous situations. A long and stubborn fight.

882 4
Champion Yankee Match 4

Remori vs Yankee High jumps, grips on the neck, rival flip overs. Spectators were cheering both fighters up. An equal fight.

797 5
Champion Yankee Match 3

Dogs are ready to tear each other apart from the first seconds of the fight. There were lots of pain and rage in this fight.

931 1
Champion Yankee Match 2

Yankee vs Rambo And again Yankee showed himself in all its glory. He got on the back more than once as well as his rival. There were some crucial moments during the fight. See for yourself!

915 3
Champion Yankee Match 1

Yankee None of the fighting dogs wanted to give up. But one of the dogs was more active than the other and gradually won.

909 4
Champion Yankee vs Champion Chivas

Champion Yankee is not looking for buried bones in the backyard! He snatches them from the bodies of his opponents! But the thick skin of Champion Chivas will not allow him to lose in this desperate fight. Who won this great match?

831 4

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