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Grand Champion Jimy vs Champion Oki

Watch the fierce battle of Japanese fighting dogs in the American arena. Furious Pit Bull American Grand Champion Jimy, converges in a fight with Prudent Pit Bull Terrier Champion Oki. This fight is not as simple as it seems in the first minutes.

1832 17
Grand Champion Crnooki vs Champion M

The real pitbull fight puppies in the American arena. Even it seems, small pit bulls represent a huge threat to their rival. Take a look at the small Champion Crnooki VS Big Daddy Champion M.

1550 7
Grand Champion Crnooki vs Champion G

Watch the real video of the wild fight and get a lot of new sensations! The Pit Bull Terrier puppy Grand Champion Crnooki, squeaking with fangs, must withstand the entire body weight and pressure of the evil Champion G!

1964 14
Grand Champion Crnooki vs Champion Billy

Watch a training video of a pit bull puppy training. Since the birth of the Grand Champion Crnooki, I heard not the singing of birds, but the roar and howl of an opponent! But Champion Billy is not going to howl and growl, in this video he will show a fitting rebuff to his opponent.

1388 5
Grand Champion Boogie Boy vs Grand Champion Cookie

Legal video of a sparring Ruthless pit bulls.
Crazy head Grand Champion Boogie Boy, and the enemy is almost defeated? But it was not there! Grand Champion Cookie broke out from under a heavy paw! Who will get tired first, learn by looking at this record of brutal combat.

2395 21

Video of professional matches of dog fights

Video of the fights of the pit bull terriers.

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