The breed history

     The history of our breed contains more than 300 years on various sources. The history of our breed contains more than 300 years on various sources. Such entertainments as drain of dogs with bears and drain of bulls with dogs were extremely popular in England and Ireland. Protection of the dwellings and hunting for dangerous and strong wild animals are the main destination of ancient bulldogs. It can be seen on episode of such hunting for a wild boar of one of pictures of Rubens which was creating in the 16th century. The shape of the dogs represented by the master's brush is similar to shape of a modern pit bull terrier. Bulldogs have come to America with immigrants from the Old World. The breed had no official name yet, and the owners called the dogs: bulldogs and pitas mastiffs and pitas terriers and bull terriers.
     For the first time the name of breed the American 'Pit' Bull terrier has appeared in the 70th years of last century. There was already American Kennels Club 'AKS' at that time and many owners have registered in it the dogs as Staffordshire Terriers because owners of the English Bull terrier objected to existence of the similar name. However, the name Staffordshire Terrier 'later the American Staffordshire Terrier 'AST'' didn't correspond to an essence of breed and adherents of fighters in 1898 have formed the club - United Kennel Klab 'UKC' led by S.B. Bennet. After that, the official name of breed has been established and registration breeding books of APBT are kept. Some American manufacturers register the dogs in both clubs up to now 'as Staffordshire Terrier in AKS and pit bull terriers in UKC'.
     Eventually, with replacement of the leadership of UKC from monopedigree the pit bull terrier - club has turned into multipedigree. It has officially disowned from use of dogs for fights in the 1970th years.
     Disagreements in views of breed have led to the fact that a part of breeders, led by Guy Makkord, have formed the association - American Dog Breeders Association 'ADBA' in 1909. The management of Association has passed to Frank Ferris In 1951, and at the head of ADBA was the famous pitman Ralf Grinvud. He was helped with work by the wife - Rennie Grinvud and children. After Ralf Grinvud's death, his daughter Keith Grinwud has headed ADBA and successfully manages Association today. ADBA changed from purely American organization and to international organization in which pitmen of the whole world registers dogs. The American legislation doesn't allow ADBA to officially support people who use pit bull terriers for their direct designated purpose. The main task of ADBA is maintaining registration breeding books and the educational work that allows existing and prospering legally to breed. Important component of the work is holding official competitions of pit bull terriers such as confirmation show 'exteriors exhibitions' and weight-pulling 'competition in pulling of weights'. Winners the ranks of Ass and Ass from Аssov are given by results of competitions in a weight-pulling. Titles the Champion and the Grand champion are appropriated to the best dogs on a confirmation show.
The fighting championship and contract matches are recorded by Sporting the Mastiff the magazine 'SDJ'. Titles of the fighting Champions are appropriated to the dogs who have won three contract matches, dogs to be the Grand champion the fighter has to win five matches and not lose any. It can be seem that it is very easy to win 3 or 5 matches. However, any prize can be the last because it is a lot of physical forces and health takes away each match. In 25 years of the existence SDJ has registered only 87 Grand champions of dogs and 29 - a knot; despite of the fact that more than one and a half thousand matches are registered every year. The most honorable for a pit bull terrier is assignment of the title ROM 'Register of Merit - the list of honor'. The best dog breeders which have educated not less than 3 champions receive this title 'since 1996 not less than 4'. For February, 1997 ROM was listed 60 dogs and the 29th knot.
     Breeding of pit bull terriers is very difficult occupation. The matter is the main pedigree sign - existence of a game that can't be seen eyes or to feel hands. Each knitting is an experiment. The results of dog experiment are possible to judge not earlier than at achievement of age of posterity 1,5-2 years. It is possible to begin training and to test young dogs. After the test it is required to draw conclusions about their quality. It is possible to receive absolutely dull posterity from two magnificent the game fighters if couple is picked incorrectly up. Breeding of pit bull terriers is based on inbreeding 'closely related pairing' and is conducted on lines in order that to fix fighting qualities of parents in posterity. From time to time there comes a need of the addition of fresh blood to the line. It is required to do cross-countries with representatives of unrelated lines or this purpose. The dog breeder can lose in posterity everything for the sake of what long-term breeding work was conducted.
     There are blood and factory lines. Blood line is called by name the dog who was in the basis, for example the line of "Jeep", the Indian Bolio line, the Red Boya line, etc. Factory lines are called on the breeder, for example the line Patrick, Bert Sorrels's Peta, Dona Meloni, Jonah Colby, Morris Carver. In the nineties the Chaynamena line became one of the most popular in the world. Dogs of this family are famous for a deep game, a destructive sting, athleticism and high-speed technology of the fight. The magnificent producer Frisco 'GARNER'S FRISCO ROM' is an inbredny son of Champion Chaynamen 'GARNER "' S CH CHINAMAN ROM'. Frisco has given a lot of champions and has received the title ROM in the nineties.
Each line has adherents and supporters in modern pit-world. Dogs of the different lines have characteristics: one are characterized by the deepest game, others are allocated with physical force, the third - endurance, the fourth - destructiveness of a sting.
     The person who has decided to buy a pit bull terrier confers on himself serious responsibility for a dog and people around. The wrong education, development of rage and vigilance in relation to the person can lead to serious consequences. If you don't want to play fighting dog sports, but you just want to have a cheerful and sports dog who will become pet, the pit bull terrier is quite suitable for this purpose. It is only necessary to make some efforts in the course of education, constantly trying to obtain obedience from your pet. Remember that everything is better to use according to the destination, for example, you don't chain a poodle for protection of the house. And if put, then... If you want a dog-bodyguard, it is better to get a dog of the office breed. To develop rage at a pit bull terrier is very simply, but to counterbalance pit bull terrier with implicit obedience in power to highly professional trainer.


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