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Russian Dogfight Videos

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Colorful video of the pit bull terrier Grand Champion Bomber

Colorful video fights of Russian battle dogs. Battle on arena famous Champion Bomber VS Agressive Pit bull, thirsty to win.

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Video fighting pit bulls Champion Frosti Boy vs Champion Chak Sema

Watch the exciting video of the battle of furious dogs in the arena and find out the winner of this fight. Bad boy Frosti Boy squeezed the Champion Chak Sema pit bull terrier in the dead grip! But Chak doesn't want to give up.

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Elite Champion Jonson 2w vs. Donezk's Champion Killer 1w

Watch the intriguing video of the battle of Russian elite pit bull terriers. Two champions are fighting to the LAST BREATH. Champion Jonson 2w vs Champion Killer 1w. Both pitbull forces are running out. WHO won a colorful victory?

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DFT's Champion Kill vs JVC's Champion Bolo

Watch the spectacular fight of guard breed dogs. Champion Kill turned up under a heavy paw of Champion Bolo. The owners of the dogs ARE AMAZED AT THE STRENGHT of the fighters.

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DD WW's Alex's Champion Kara 4w vs Pepsi Team's Champion Holly 4w

Nervous fight of pit bull terriers on the Russian street ring. Russian dogs possess considerable strength and the same will to win as their owners. DD WW's Alex's Champion Kara 4w and Pepsi Team's Champion Holly 4w showed considerable strength and skill in a fierce battle. Who won, you decide.

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Daniyar's Champion Karatas vs Bomb Combination Ural's Champion Volk

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Chuvashia brothers Champion Akbash 1w vs Denisov

Awesome battle of quick and agile pit bull terriers. Champion Akbash rushed at Denisov with the speed of a bullet, but met a heavy paw on his way. Watch the video of ruthless sparring and feel the atmosphere of battle in your own skin.

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Champion Chuck 2w vs Champion Franko 2w

Обратите внимание на живописный бой ненасытных псов. Champion Chuck 2w из всех сил старается дать достойный отпор Champion Franko 2w. Делайте ставки! Кто из питбулей продержится дольше?

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Champion Cholly Boy training fight 5

Champion Cholly Boy training fight 5

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Champion Cholly Boy training fight 4

Champion Cholly Boy training fight 4

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Video of professional matches of dog fights

Video of the fights of the pit bull terriers.

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