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Exchange and return of goods of improper quality

If you have received the goods of improper quality (which is faulty and can not enforce its functional qualities), you may return or exchange the item. If the item is part of a set, you may return or the entire set or only the defective part (and get back money proportionate to the value of this part). In case of sending us the defective goods (in the mail), we will reimburse your cost of return shipping.

We provide customers with the opportunity to check the goods for defects within 14 days. If the marriage is discovered by you after 14 days, we reserve the right, at its own expense request an expert opinion that the marriage occurred prior to the transfer of the goods to the consumer or for reasons that arose after this point. If the result of examination it is established that the defects arose due to circumstances for which the seller is not responsible, the Buyer will be obliged to reimburse the costs of examination and costs associated with storage and transportation of goods. Expert opinion can be challenged in court.

The goods that are installed warranty period, a refund is possible within the warranty period.

The order of return of the goods

Return and exchange of goods is carried out only in the presence of the store Manager. The buyer fills the application form. The funds are issued only after the Manager signed and the signature on the cheque and the statement of the buyer.


The amount paid for the goods returned in the same way it was made. For a refund, you must present:

cash receipt
Without a passport, the return of cash is not possible.

Dear customers!

If You had a problem with the product, first perform the following steps.
For assistance, contact the website by phone or email. In the subject line write "product Return" and specify the problem, our consultant will help you to solve it.

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