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Grand Champion IBM

The king of the ring is fighting in the Arena of the blood-drenched Defeated Pit bulls. For the Grand Champion IBM, is just a workout. Will the pit bull terrier, just starting his career in battle, survive this fight? Or will the champion himself give back?

8884 32
Grand Champion Dendy vs Champion Baker

Brazilian "Good" dogs met in a battle for honor and glory. Grand Champion Dendy and Pit Bull Champion Baker's Hos are fighting rather lazily in the first minutes of the battle, but by the middle they began to bite more actively than the best champion fighters.

8147 11
Grand Champion Daisy vs Champion Baby 2w

Watch on the Train DOG Fight. Epic fight Grand Champion Daisy vs Champion Baby 2w. What have learned fighting pit bulls from the last meeting?

2940 5
Grand Champion Crnooki vs Champion M

The real pitbull fight puppies in the American arena. Even it seems, small pit bulls represent a huge threat to their rival. Take a look at the small Champion Crnooki VS Big Daddy Champion M.

3691 7
Grand Champion Crnooki vs Champion G

Watch the real video of the wild fight and get a lot of new sensations! The Pit Bull Terrier puppy Grand Champion Crnooki, squeaking with fangs, must withstand the entire body weight and pressure of the evil Champion G!

5790 14
Grand Champion Crnooki vs Champion Billy

Watch a training video of a pit bull puppy training. Since the birth of the Grand Champion Crnooki, I heard not the singing of birds, but the roar and howl of an opponent! But Champion Billy is not going to howl and growl, in this video he will show a fitting rebuff to his opponent.

3466 5
Grand Champion Boogie Boy vs X

Colorful duel of elite terriers. A pit bull named X almost put an end to the life of his opponent Grand Champion Boogie Boy. This time he was lucky, but what will happen next. After this fight, Boogie Boy will go for a long treatment and training.

9926 8
Grand Champion Boogie Boy vs Champion Kid

Check out the real video of the UNRELACIOUS fight of elite pit bull terriers. Crazy Boogie Boy Sparring who grabbed the Champion Kid by the throat. How long will the "Good Boy" last?

8781 15
Grand Champion Boogie Boy vs Grand Champion Cookie

Legal video of a sparring Ruthless pit bulls.
Crazy head Grand Champion Boogie Boy, and the enemy is almost defeated? But it was not there! Grand Champion Cookie broke out from under a heavy paw! Who will get tired first, learn by looking at this record of brutal combat.

7317 21
Grand Champion Cela vs Champion Zeleni

Check on the steadfastness of the power of the Spirit and on the ability to endure pain! The owners are testing their pupils in the sports arena for training pitbulls. Grand Champion Cela leads a cold-blooded battle with a very staunch opponent of Champion Zeleni. Find out the nickname of the tired winner.

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Videos of professional matches pitbull terriers.

Professional dog fighting.

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