Pitbull terrier breeding and training

Pitbull terrier is a fighter dog and a very rare breed that deserves the best maintenance and feeding. It is very important to give a puppy the best food, the food you feed your grown dog while training before match. There is no sense in superfeedingyour grown dog if it didn’t get the same great food as a puppy.You can’t demand 100% impact in match from a dog that was fed poorly or not the right way in childhood. Feed you puppy good, and only then, it can become full-fledged fighter that ready to show their maximum abilities. The way of maintenance is no less important! Full-fledged walks, games, running and overall physical activity constitute a great base that shapes the future fighter. The right formation of bones, muscles, thorax, full mental stability are not possible without proper food and full development at an early age. A healthy mind in a healthy body. The better the dog’s health, the better it’s well-being, the harder it is to defeat it. 

Your relationship with the dog in process of training and games influence the dog a lot. The closer you get to each other, the tighter connection and understanding, the easier it is to you both in future matches. It also will straighten the filling of the collaborative work on the ring, which is extremely important.

Fresh water, clean room, timely treatment, basically, your maximum attention to the dog is everything it needs from you. And if you have made all the effort, and your dog is not that great on ring, and you decide to get free from it, you should not blame yourself for it, if you know that you’ve done anything possible.

Your dog has to enjoy the training, every coach has their own training method, that takes into account features of every dog. I don’t personally like lazy dogs, but it doesn’t mean that everyone has to work hard and with love, but anyway they have to have interest and desire to work to a certain level of burden.

With regards to the prematch training of your dog, the way, that starts and finishes it, will largely determine its future career. I don’t believe in training before puppy turns at least a year old. First of all, no dog at this age is ready both physically and emotionally 'mentally' for the first role. Wait until the dog turns 16 moth old.  If you do everything right and timely it won’t harm your dog. Because the first role might get your dog into the heavens or crushed down forever! So you choose: to rise itsself-confidence or to break it’s fighting spirit. The two main things for the dog’s first role are going to be:

Time, i.e. how long is it going to be?

Opponent, i.e. what kind of opponent your dog needs. You have to take all the responsibilities for the role time and choosing bad or good opponent. It’s generally accepted that the first opponent shouldn’t be unserious, it should not do bad moves on ring 'turn around, whine', basically, it should not be playful. No “pushing” or other unserious moves may help your young dog to feel the importance and seriousness of the first contact. And it doesn’t matter if it lasts for 5 or 15 minutes, it is important that your dog takes a lesson, gets confident on ring and especially feels itself a WINNER! You should be very friendly and careful, cheer it up after the first role. Let it have some good rest and heal all the inevitable injuries before you give it another role. Regardless of will your dog take part in match or will you use it as a producer, you got to be sure of its gameness!

I like fighters that have “FINISH”! It’s when the dog always seeks to destroy an opponent! And it doesn’t matter if the dog defends or protects itself, fails or wins in fight, I just want my dog to want to always finish the game. I got to say that game isn’t connected to the dog’s fighting talent of winning matches, and it only increases the chances of winning. Training before the match should finish only when you’re pleased with its physical and mental readiness for the match. Keep in mind that overloading your dog with roles has negative implications. If your dog loses its confidence just ones, it’s no good for the match-forever! In other words, the dog can’t fight to save itself, you can’t make a role with the great destroyer.


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